Versatile Self-Emulsifier for Stable O/W Formulations


Lonzest™ MSA emulsifier is Lonza’s recommendation for easy-to-use, self-emulsifying ingredients. It is well recognized in the industry for excellent emulsification of lipophilic components. As a non-ionic emulsifier, Lonzest™ MSA emulsifier is acid and salt tolerant and can be utilized in a wide pH range.

This versatility makes Lonzest™ MSA emulsifier an outstanding tool to have in your product portfolio. Lonzest™ MSA emulsifier is a high quality ingredient and provides your formulation with great rheology and pleasing product aesthetics.  

Lonzest™ MSA emulsifier is your all-in-one emulsifier system for stable hair and skin formulations.


Key Claims

  • Exceptional emulsification of oil soluble ingredients
  • Stable in wide pH range, excellent long term stability
  • Acid stable, O/W emulsifier
  • Creates aesthetically pleasing emulsions