Asian woman holding her hands in a frame around her face


A word that drives the today and tomorrow of Personal Care at Lonza.  

Our Focus Today...

To inspire global formulators to create robust formulations through preservation systems based on world-leading microbiology capabilities and formulation essentials that help enhance the appearance and functionality of the final product.  


Our Focus Tomorrow...

To deliver differentiated solutions along the Beauty Care Continuum to meet the personal care and wellness needs of the global consumer.  

  • Skin Care, through bioactives that help to keep, care for, and restore skin to its naturally healthiest state
  • Hair Care, through conditioning solutions that help repair and protect hair to keep it looking healthy from root to tip
  • Scalp Care, through anti-dandruff systems based on the leading, highly effective Zinc Omadine® portfolio, to provide improved scalp health  


Partner with Lonza to understand how our philosophy, Inspire the Formulator...Excite the Consumer...®, drives us to create technologies that inspire you to create robust, high-performance formulations that excite your consumers and exceed their expectations.