Woman in hospital room

Lonzagard® RCS™ Products offer:

  • Faster contact times
  • Cost effective concentrates
  • Broad claim set

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Application Areas

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Animal care facilities
  • Food processing/service/retail
  • Professional/ethical
  • Consumer
  • Institutional & Industrial (I&I) janitorial
  • Transportation


Two product types available - based on contact time disinfection claims:  

RCS™ Plus – 3 minute spray 
RCS™ – 5 minute spray

These dilutable disinfectants provide superior cost-performance benefit; fast contact times delivered by cost effective quat concentrates.

  • Fast contact times potentially reduce application labor cost and time
  • Simple, fast spray application
  • Available as cost effective 1:128 and 1:256 dilutable concentrates allowing economical use costs
  • Broad claim set provides efficacy against pathogens of importance for many major markets and applications
  • All the benefits of 10 minute quat dilutables; wide material’s compatibility, low odor, and minimal PPE requirements for workers*    


*See EPA label and MSDS for specifics on use site and PPE requirements.  Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.