Specific Lonzagard® formulations are available, that offer the following benefits :  

Efficacious:  Proven Norovirus efficacy 
Convenient:  Wipes, sprays, concentrates 
Low odor:  As compared to bleach and peracetic acid 
Low corrosion:  Allows more frequent / broader use 

Lonza’s Hygiene and Preservation business is a global leader in hard surface disinfection and cleaning products that are used to disinfect cruise ships, schools, food processing plants, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, homes and more.

Lonza Hygiene and Preservation has developed several disinfectant formulations with proven efficacy against Norovirus while maintaining low odor and broad materials compatibility even with frequent use. 

 Norovirus is highly virulent and can be transmitted by contact with an infected person, contaminated surfaces or objects, or by consuming contaminated food or water.

The virus diffuses quickly in confined environments, such as cruise ships, hospitals, schools and long-term care homes. The close quarters, communal high-touch surfaces and extended stays of these settings offer the perfect conditions for the transmission of Norovirus. 

Hand washing alone is not enough to inactivate Norovirus, as the contaminated surfaces and objects (e.g. door knobs, hand rails, toilet flush levers, etc.) can remain infectious for weeks.  Proper disinfection of these surfaces is key to breaking the chain of infection.

North America
The following Lonzagard® disinfectant products are EPA-registered, offering cost effective, easy-to-use solutions to combat these Norovirus outbreaks, and are available in multiple delivery methods. 

Lonzagard® R82 & S18 Dilutable liquid concentrates - 10 minute contact time 
Lonzagard® S-21 Dilutable liquid concentrates - 10 minute contact time
Lonzagard®  DC-103 Ready to use liquid - 10 minute contact time
Lonza Disinfectant Wipes     Multiple substrate options - 10 minute contact time
Lonza Disinfectant Wipes Plus 2™         Multiple substrate options - 4 minute contact time
Lonzagard® RCS™  Products Dilutable spray disinfectants with 5 minute contact time

Three  Lonzagard® products demonstrate activity against Norovirus and can be used to establish effective control and prevention. 

Lonzagard® DM-114-10                              Dilutable disinfectant - outstanding materials compatibility  
Lonzagard® DR-25aN  Dilutable high performance disinfectant cleaner  
Lonzagard® DR-15 Dilutable high performance disinfectant cleaner 

*Not all products are approved for use in all European countries.
Please contact your Lonza account manager to learn more about what products are available in your region.

Used biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.