visceral preadipocytes stained with adipored

Primary and Stem Cell Applications for Diabetes and Obesity Research


Watch the archived webinar below and learn about some of the cutting-edge applications of stem cells and primary cells in metabolic research. 



Viewing this webinar, you will hear about the advantages of primary cells versus cell lines and about primary cell culture and metabolic applications for primary cells. You will also learn about some of the options available for testing differentiation of stem cells and precursors.  We focus on adipose derived stem cells and pre-adipocytes, reviewing some of the most current advances in understanding diabetes and obesity. 


View Archived Webinar    Topics 
  • Metabolic applications for primary cells
  • Metabolic applications for stem cells
  • Roles of pre-adipocytes in diabetes and obesity
  • Adipose-derived stem cells in diabetes treatment
Duration: 39 minutes    
Date: 24 September 2014    
Speaker: Dr. Elke Lorbach,
Scientific Support Specialist



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