Convenient Generation and Culture of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Did you know human pluripotent stem cells can be cultured in xeno-free, defined conditions?

Did you know efficient non-viral generation of induced pluripotent stem cells is possible with transfection of episomal vectors into adult cells? 


If you are looking to alleviate some of your stem cell research pains, then you should take a look at the archived webinar below. 

View the webinar now and learn how you can simplify hiPSC generation and hPSC culturing while achieving higher efficiency and viability.


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  • Xeno-free, feeder-free culture of human ES or iPS cells with every-other-day feeding
  • Efficient reprogramming of PBMCs into iPSCs
  • High-quality adult stem cells for proliferation, differentiation and further characterization

Duration: 45 minutes



Date: 25 June 2014  

Speaker: Dr. Claudia Schwartz

Scientific Support Specialist




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