Example of a successful transfection experiment with human renal epithelial cells using Nucleofector™ Technology.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Transfection Experiments using the Nucleofector™ Technology

Performing successful transfection experiments and obtaining efficient, reproducible results does not have to be a mystery...


Would you like to learn some important tips to help make your experiments a success?



View our archived webinar and get technical tips about factors that may have an impact on your transfection results when using Lonza’s Nucleofector™ Technology or other transfection methods.


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  • Brief introduction to the Nucleofector™ Technology
  • Impact of general factors, like cell culture and vector quality,
    on transfection results
  • Specific points to consider for various applications, e.g. reporter gene assays, co-transfection, stable transfection and RNAi

Duration: 58 minutes

Date: 25 March 2015


Speaker: Dr. Elke Lorbach
Scientific Support Specialist
Lonza Cologne GmbH



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