What about using a non-viral transfection method that achieves up to 80% transfection efficiency and high expression levels?

For almost a decade the Nucleofector™ Technology has proven to be the method of choice for non-viral transfection of hard-to-transfect cell types. A unique combination of electrical parameters, cell-type specific Nucleofector™ Kits and Optimized Protocols helps to achieve immediate transfection success in virtually any cell type.

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  • Over 30 respiratory and cardiovascular primary cell and cell line protocols and kits available for a quick route to optimal results
  • High efficiencies and viabilities paired with preservation of cell functionality Different device platforms for different cell numbers and throughput options
  • NEW: 4D-Nucleofector™ allows transfection of 2x104 to 2x107 cells with same protocol and with up to 16 reactions in parallel  



 Transfection of Primary Cardiovascular & Respiratory Cells

Examples of Nucleofection™ Results for cells from cardiovascular or respiratory tissue.
All cells marked with * are Lonza Clonetics™ Cells and have been validated to work with Nucleofector™ Technology.