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NHBE Nucleofector™ Kits - Discontinued by 31 Dec 2011 

Our Nucleofector™ Kit for normal human bronchial epithelial cells (NHBE) will be discontinued by 31 Dec 2011 and replaced by our basic Nucleofector™ Kit for primary mammalian epithelial cells (VAPI-1005, VPI-1005, VVPI-1005). This basic Nucleofector™ Kit which is suitable to transfect a multitude of epithelial cells from different mammalian species and from various origins (e.g. lung, liver, kidney etc.) contains a cell type specific solution and includes a protocol guiding you through the optimization process for epithelial cells with a set of 5 different programs. We recommend performing this optimization experiment for determination the optimal transfection conditions for your self-isolated human bronchial epithelial cells. When working with NHBE cells from Lonza (Cat. No. CC-2540) you can follow the respective optimized protocol in terms of suggested program and transfection conditions. From January 2012 on the basic Nucleofector™ Kit for epithelial cells will be listed in the optimized protocol instead of the Nucleofector™ Kit for normal human bronchial epithelial cells. Please find the protocols on our website.