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Rely on Lonza for Neural Cells and Media

With years of experience in primary neural cell isolation, Lonza offers ready-to use, high quality neural cells for your research. Additionally, our portfolio includes reliable neural media products that are optimized and tested specifically with our primary neural cells. Extensive testing and optimization provides quality and performance of our neural cells with every batch produced.


All Benefits at a Glance

  • More relevant results – Primary neural cells are isolated directly from neural tissue, hence they are a more biologically relevant cell model than cell line
  • Less time and effort – No more tissue dissection and animal handling needed. Just thaw and initiate your experiments
  • Data reproducibility – These cells are produced as large batches with extensive QC testing. Lonza’s cryopreserved animal primary cells generally provide higher data reproducibility than self-prepared cells
  • Authenticated– Cells have been tested to show comparable results to fresh cells. Thorough characteristic morphology and staining tests are completed to confirm cells are specific to the tissue origin and cell type
  • High quality – Lonza’s standardized production procedures follow strict guidelines and meet high quality control requirements.
  • Quality tested – negative for mycoplasma, bacteria, yeast and fungi. A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is available for each cell type and lot
  • Support – along with our products comes an excellent scientific support team cross-trained in cells, media, 2D and 3D cell culture and transfection, helping you set up your experiments successfully

Benefits of Ready-to-Use Cells

vs. Do-It-Yourself Cell Isolation

infographic showing the differences between DIY-cell isoltion and purchasing ready-to-use primary cells 

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Explore our Neural Cell Types

Cell Type  Species Part Description Recommended Media
Neuron Human

Normal Human Neural Progenitors

View product instructions (PDF)

Rat Brain Cortex Neurons

PNGM™ BulletKit™

Rat Cerebellum Neurons

PNGM-A™ BulletKit™
    Rat Embryonic Dorsal Root Ganglion View product instructions (PDF)
    Rat Neonatal Dorsal Root Ganglion PNGM™ BulletKit™
    Rat Brain Hippocampus Neurons    PNGM™ BulletKit™ 
    Rat Hypothalamic Neurons PNGM™ BulletKit™            
    Rat Brain Striatum Neurons PNGM™ BulletKit™
  Mouse Mouse C57 Cortex Neurons
PNGM™ BulletKit™
    Mouse CD1 Cortex Neurons
PNGM™ BulletKit™
    Mouse Hippocampal Neurons
PNGM™ BulletKit™
    Mouse C57 Striatum Neurons
PNGM™ BulletKit™
    Mouse CD1 Striatum Neurons
PNGM™ BulletKit™
Glial Human NHA-Normal Human Astrocytes 
AGM™ BulletKit™ 
  Rat Rat Brain Striatum Astrocytes
AGM™ BulletKit™ 
Rat Brain Cortex Astrocytes
AGM™ BulletKit™
    Rat Microglia View product instructions (PDF)
    Rat Brain Hippocampus Astrocytes
AGM™ BulletKit™
    Rat Brain Cx-Hi-Cp Mixed Astrocytes
AGM™ BulletKit™
  Mouse Mouse CD1 Mixed Astrocytes
AGM™ BulletKit™
    Mouse C57 Mixed Astrocytes
AGM™ BulletKit™


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