Scientist thinking about how to efficiently transfect primary neural cells non-virally

Achieve Up to 70% Transfection Efficiency in Primary Neural Cells

For almost a decade the Nucleofector™ Technology has proven to be the method of choice for non-viral transfection of hard-to-transfect cell types. A unique combination of electrical parameters, cell-type specific Nucleofector™ Kits and Optimized Protocols helps to achieve immediate transfection success in virtually any cell type.

  • Non-viral transfection of primary neural cells with up to 70% efficiency
  • Preservation of functionality
  • Different device platforms for different cell numbers and throughput options
  • 4D-Nucleofector™ X Unit allows transfection of 2x104 to 2x107 cells with same protocol and with up to 16 reactions in parallel
  • 4D-Nucleofector™ Y Unit enabling adherent Nucleofection of primary neurons or glial cells after several days of culture  


Transfection Efficiencies of Primary Neural Cells Post Nucleofection   Interested to learn more?
            Transfection Efficiencies of Primary Neural Cells post Nucleofection   


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Transfection efficiencies achieved with the Nucleofector™ Technology for primary neural cells. Different primary neural and glial cells were transfected by Nucleofection with a plasmid encoding either eGFP or eYFP (cortical rat neurons, data courtesy of J. Köhler, R. Klein, MPI for Neurobiology, Munich, Germany). Transfection efficiencies were determined by fluorescence microscopy or flow cytometry after 24 - 72 hours.



Nucleofector™ Kits for Primary Neural Cells

Various Nucleofector™ Kits and corresponding Amaxa™ Optimized Protocols are available for the transfection of primary neurons using different Nucleofection™ Platforms:

Nucleofection Platforms: