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Solving Your Neural Cell Culture Challenges

A typical challenge associated with neural cell isolation is ensuring target cell types were accurately acquired from specific regions of the brain. Lonza solves this challenge by performing extensive testing to ensure all neural cells offered are tissue-specific for the regions of the brain specified.

All primary neural cells are quality tested and guaranteed to perform when used with our optimized neural media and user-friendly protocols. Simply thaw and culture to keep your research moving independently from animal pregnancies or isolation work.

Additionally, Lonza's Nucleofector™ Technology makes non-viral transfection of neural cells easy, efficient and reproducible. A unique combination of electrical parameters, Neural Cell Nucleofector™ Kits and Optimized Protocols helps to achieve immediate transfection success in almost all neuron and glial cells.

Along with our products comes an excellent scientific support team cross-trained in cells, media, 3D cell culture and transfection, helping you set up your experiments successfully.


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High quality neural cells

Primary Neural Cells and Media

Choose from a broad selection of primary neurons, astrocytes and neural progenitors. 

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Neural Knowledge Center

Check out our articles and resources, from basic brain biology to current cell applications in neural research.     


    Nucleofector™ Transfection Device

    Neural Cell Transfection

    Nucleofector™ Technology for efficient non-viral transfection of primary neural cells and cell lines

      Protocols for primary cell culture and transfection experiments
     Cell in RAFT™ 3D Culture

    3D Cell Culture

    Get a 3D culture method with the expert tech support to alleviate the optimization challenges with tumor and blood brain barrier models

      Lonza Scientific Support Specialist 

    Scientific Support

    Speak to our cell culture experts to get customized support on how to use our cells, media and 3D culture products in your experiments.  


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