Mycoplasma Testing Webinar Visual – Scientist looking at a cell culture plate questioning whether the cells may have a mycoplasma contamination.

Mycoplasma – Uncover the Hidden Enemy in Cell Culture

Mycoplasma are one of the most common, but underestimated contaminants in cell culture. Even at high concentrations mycoplasma are not visible and may remain undiscovered for months or even longer. Regular testing of your cultures is an important quality control and is crucial to avoid working with scientific data which could be biased by an undetected mycoplasma contamination.


View the archived mycoplasma testing webinar and learn about potential sources and impacts of a mycoplasma contamination and how you can easily uncover it within 20 minutes.


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Duration: 50 minutes

Date: 8 March 2016

Speaker: Nazim El-Andaloussi,

Scientific Support Specialist, Lonza

  • Brief introduction to mycoplasma and how they get in your culture
  • Potential impact of mycoplasma on your cells and thus your scientific data
  • Quick and simple detection of mycoplasma using Lonza's MycoAlert™ Assay

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