Webinar: Pancreatic islets for diabetes research

Diabetes-related differential gene expression in ADSCs and HAECs

Streamline your metabolic and diabetes-related research by choosing from our convenient, innovative selection of tools that have been designed and tested for more relevant results in your research.

Primary cells and media:

  • We offer a wide variety of cells and optimized media kits for metabolic research. Cells and media are tested together and guaranteed to perform.
  • Clonetics™ and Poietics™ primary human cells are available from normal and diabetes type I and II donors including:


Clonetics™ Conditionally Immortalized Cells: Primary-like cells with cell line proliferative capacity.

Cell lines are a common screening model because they are easily bulked up to large, homogenous quantities. They often, however, lack the relevant phenotype of a normal cell. To address this shortcoming, Lonza research solutions developed Clonetics™ Conditionally Immortalized Cells (CCIC). CCICs are primary cells immortalized with hTERT and SV40 T-Antigen, L-Tag to produce a more biologically relevant screening model. These cell lines are supplied under an annual license in either cryopreserved or multi-well plate formats.

NucleofectorTM  Transfection 

  • Transfection of primary cells and hard-to-transfect cell lines with up to 90% efficiency
  • High viability and maintenance of functionality
  • COMING SOON! Ready-to-use 4D-Nucleofector™ Protocols for primary pre-adipocytes and adipose-derived stem cells, and various metabolically relevant cell lines  

BioAssays for Cell Health and Function

    • AdipoLyze™ lipolysis assay is >3x more sensitive in detecting lipolysis levels in cell lines and primary cells than the leading assay method.
    • AdipoRed™ adipogenesis assay is a robust detection method for fat accumulation in vitro, more sensitive than Oil Red O method and faster than Northern and Western blots.
    • ToxiLight™ and ViaLight™ Assay Kits provide fast and sensitive methods for measuring cytotoxicity and cell proliferation.

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