Cryopreserved Clonetics™ Primary Neural Cells and Media

Choose from a broad selection of high quality, dissociated primary animal or human neural cells and store them conveniently in your freezer. Simply thaw on demand to keep your research moving independently from animal pregnancies or isolation work

  • Tested for cell-specific markers
  • Guaranteed to perform in culture and being mycoplasma and bacteria free
  • Molecular and immunochemical quality testing following conditions that mimic shipping
  • Lots can be reserved to repeat experiments with the same batch of cells


You can entrust your most precious cells with our reliable neural media products because we optimize and test them specifically with primary neural cells. This provides consistent quality and guaranteed performance with every batch we make.

     Corticostriatal co-culture. Clonetics™ Rat Cortical and Striatal Neurons were thawed, co-cultured for 21d and immunfluorescently stained for vesicular GABA transporter (vGAT; green) and dopamine receptor protein (DARPP; red).

Clonetics™ Primary Animal Neurons & Media

Cryopreserved primary neurons:


Optimized primary neuron media:


Clonetics™ Primary Animal and Human Astrocytes and Media

Cryopreserved primary astrocytes:


Optimized primary astrocyte media:


Poietics™ Primary Neural Progenitors and Media

Cryopreserved neural progenitor cells:


Optimized neural progenitor cell media:


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