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Immune Cells and Research Tools

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Lonza delivers immune cells and other products for consistent, biologically relevant results from high-quality primary immune cells, through efficient transfection technology, to a wide range of molecular biology and cell culture or analysis tools.


Primary Cells and Media


Poietics™ Primary Human Immune Cells are isolated from healthy donors and rigorously tested for purity and cell specific markers.


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  • CD4+T Cells: harvested from peripheral blood and immunomagnetically selected for CD4
  • Natural Killer (NK) Cells: isolated using immunomagnetic selection for the CD56 marker, both positive and negative NK cells are available
  • CD14+ Monocytes: harvested from peripheral blood and immunomagnetically selected for CD14
  • Mononuclear Cells: isolated from peripheral blood by apheresis and density gradient centrifugation
  • Dendritic Cells: isolated from peripheral blood mononuclear cells and tested for a panel of specific cell markers
  • LGM-3 Lymphocyte Growth Media: a serum-free, versatile growth media designed to work with all of Lonza’s primary immune cells



Proven non-viral technology for efficient transfection of notoriously difficult-to-transfect immune primary cells and cell lines.


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Complementary Tools


Choose Lonza for high quality, primary immune cells and specialty media for your immunological experiments. Take a direct path to relevant results with Lonza.