Streamline your dermal-related research by choosing from our convenient, innovative selection of tools that have been designed and tested for your skin-related research. Get more biological relevance from using primary human cells in your experimental design.  

Clonetics™ Primary Human Cells from adult and neonatal tissue can be grown in optimized media systems unique for your research goals.

New! Human Diabetic Type II Adult Keratinocytes

Try Clonetics™ KGM-Gold™ Keratinocyte Growth Media Kits and Primary Keratinocytes for better results with your keratinocyte research.  KGM-Gold™ BulletKit™ has been optimized for robust, serum-free growth for both high and low density keratinocyte cultures.  Adult and neonatal keratinocytes are guaranteed through 18 and 20 population doublings, respectively.


Other primary skin cells include:

Dermal fibroblasts

Dermal microvascular endothelial cells

Dermal melanocytes

Optimized media kits include:

KGM-Gold™ Keratinocyte Growth Medium, including calcium free versions 

MGM™ -4 Melanocyte Growth Medium, ET-3 supplement sold separately for adult cells

FGM™ -2 Fibroblast Growth Medium, try our new FGM™ -CD chemically defined medium

EGM™ -2MV Endothelial Microvascular Growth Medium