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Lonza's primary cells as necessary normal controls in cancer research

Primary Cells

Are non-transformed, non-immortalized cells taken directly from the tissue and are believed to better mimic in vivo conditions than cell lines. Since cancers originate in normal cells, it is vital to include normal primary cells from the tissue as side-by-side controls.

  Protocols for primary cell culture and transfection experiments  

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Lonza BulletKit™ Media for primary cells

BulletKit™ Media

Spending too much time to find just the right media composition for co-culturing? Leverage our growth media along with archive of publications showing suitabi-lity and ease of use for cancer research.

    Lonza Scientific Support Specialist Scientific Support           

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Nucleofector™ Transfection Device

Nucleofector™ Transfection

Rely on efficient genetic modification of a broad range of cell types for target identification, establishing therapeutic research applications or generating next-generation disease models.


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Cell in RAFT™ 3D Culture

RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture

Get a novel 3D culture method along with the needed expert tech support to alleviate the optimization challenges with tumor modeling.

CytoSMART™ Imaging System for easy and affordable remove live cell monitoring

CytoSMART™ Imaging System

Easy and affordable remote live cell monitoring – a valuable tool for recording your cancer-relevant migration assays.