Human Primary Cells for Drug Screening

Primary cells are an essential component in research because they are derived directly from human and animal tissue representing a biologically relevant cell model. Unlike cell lines, primary cells have low modification/mutation rate and require minimal pre-characterization prior to use. Primary cells can be used as both normal controls to extensively characterize and validate your cell lines or they can solely act as superior substitutes to cell lines.

Ideal for discovery and screening of anti-cancer drugs: Clonetics™ primary cells have successfully been published in drug screening assays. They are ideal solution for testing new anti-cancer drugs as they are representative of actual human system. The preclinical relevance of primary cells is becoming increasingly significant in cancer therapeutics. Models developed in primary cell culture can easily be replicated in actual animal studies. In addition, drug resistance assays for chemotherapy have successfully been refined by researchers using primary cells alone. Reduce the cost and number of animals required for in vivo studies by refining your experiments with primary cells first.

Recent publication with Clonetics™ PrECs: High-Throughput Cell-Based Screening of 4910 Known Drugs and Drug-like Small Molecules

Clonetics™ Primary Cells have been used by customers in various Cancer Research areas. Optimized Growth Media Kits are available with each cell type. Clonetics™ Cells and Media are tested together and are guaranteed to perform.

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Blood & Lymph
Dermal (Adult and Neonatal)
Skeletal Muscle
Neural Cells
Neural Progenitors

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