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Dr Ben Scheven studied Biology at the University of Leiden (the Netherlands) where he also undertook his PhD research (Laboratory of Cell Biology and Histology, Medical Faculty). Subsequently, he worked at various research organisations in Scotland (Aberdeen, Dundee) and the Netherlands (Utrecht) before he was appointed lecturer in Oral Cell Biology at the School of Dentistry of the University of Birmingham in January 2006.

Research Interests

Dr Ben Scheven has a long-term track record in the cell biology of hard tissues. His previous research focused on various aspects of bone growth and metabolism with special emphasis on cell differentiation and the role of hormonal and growth factors in development and ageing, health and disease. Dr Scheven’s current research interests focus on the cell biology of dental pulp, bone and mesenchymal stem cells, therapeutic ultrasound for mineralised tissue regeneration, the role of neurotrophic factors, and the application of mesenchymal and dental pulp stem cells for tissue regeneration, including CNS and retinal regeneration.

Dr Ben A Scheven
Lecturer in Oral Cell Biology
School of Dentistry
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
E-mail: b.a.scheven@bham.ac.uk