Lonza Offers Multiple Disinfecting Options for Combatting Norovirus in Schools

December 18,2013

Allendale, NJ (USA), 2 December 2013 – Lonza’s Hygiene and Preservation business offers a comprehensive line of highly effective disinfecting products for use by school janitorial and cleaning service personnel to combat norovirus, a leading cause of serious stomach illnesses. Lonza disinfecting wipes, sprays and liquid disinfectants act quickly to eliminate norovirus as well as other pathogenic bacteria and viruses on multiple surfaces ranging from school desks and stairwell handles to cafeteria tables and other high-touch areas.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) notes that about 50% of all food-related illnesses are caused by norovirus. In addition, the CDC reports that people infected with norovirus can shed billions of highly-contagious particles and only a few are needed to spread the disease.

It is no surprise, then, that local media in the U.S. and Europe are full of reports of norovirus outbreaks and school closures. Students in the United States were impacted by school closures in Brunswick, Ohio when all elementary and middle schools were closed for several days after many teachers fell ill with norovirus and it spread to scores of students in the school system. At Eagleswood Elementary School in Eagleswood, NJ more than 40% of the students were out sick due to a norovirus outbreak; officials closed the school so cleaning crews could disinfect the building. Primrose Hill School in London and schools located in the U.K. (from Plymouth to Fife) have been closed due to soaring numbers of children and staff who have fallen victim to the highly contagious norovirus.

“These pathogens are easily transmitted in the school environment causing our children to fall ill, impacting our families and interrupting our home environment. Lonza has specific offerings tailored to help break the chain of infection of the norovirus transmission,” said Ernesto Lippert, Lonza’s Global Hygiene & Preservation Marketing Director.

Available in Europe and North America, Lonza’s cost-effective, easy-to-use broad portfolio of products, have proven efficacy against norovirus and are available in multiple delivery methods.

Lonza provides registered biocides, preservatives and antimicrobial formulations through key suppliers of surface hygiene products who directly serve these markets. Contact Lonza or your cleaning chemicals supplier and ask about products powered by Lonzagard® technology. For more information visit www.lonza.com/norovirussolutions.

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