Lonza Announces Availability of Its XS Microbial Expression Technology™ Portfolio to Customers Worldwide

November 05,2013
  • The new licensable XS Technology™ Portfolio includes licensing options for both E. coli and P. pastoris (Pichia) expression systems and platform fermentation protocols
  • Platform fermentation protocols are tailored to each XS™ Host System to build the foundation of high-yielding, robust and scalable processes for ease of future scale-up and production
  • Multiple XS™ host and promoter combinations provide hundreds of options for optimal expression of most types of microbial products

Basel, Switzerland, 5 November 2013  - Based on the clinical and commercial success of Lonza’s Mammalian GS Gene Expression System™ licensing program, Lonza now offers their XS Microbial Expression Technologies™ to customers under a Research Evaluation Agreement.  The new XS™ research license allows customers to use Lonza’s microbial expression hosts and vectors in their own development laboratories.  The offering includes licensing options for both E. coli and P. pastoris (Pichia) host systems, along with detailed fed-batch fermentation protocols designed to quickly create commercially-viable production strains and GMP processes. XS™ Systems have been shown to deliver high titers with expression levels in excess of 20 g/L. For difficult-to-express proteins, expression levels of up to 1 g/L have been achieved, where alternatives were only achieving a few milligrams per liter.  

Our customers have achieved great success with our current research licensing programs, said Karen Fallen, Vice President Head of Licensing, Lonza Custom Development Services. “By expanding Lonza’s research license offering to include our XS™ Microbial System, customers will have the opportunity to select the optimal expression platform for their product of interest.  The research evaluation agreement is designed to be a comprehensive package that includes prepared protocols and access to Lonza’s industry expression experts allowing customers to streamline their early stages of development.”

The licensable XS Technology™ Platform consists of multiple hosts and promoter systems that have been optimized for soluble expression driving simpler recovery and downstream processing, which saves development time and costs.  Each kit contains the key components necessary to identify the best production clone for your product. Under the new research evaluation agreement, customers will have access to the following XS Technologies™:

  • XS™ Sugar Inducible E. coli System
  • XS™ IPTG Inducible E. coli System
  • XS™ GAP Constitutive Pichia System      
  • XS™ Methanol Inducible Pichia System
  • XS™ Glucose Regulated Pichia System 

Host kits include 7 different E.coli strains and 6 E.coli plasmids; 1 Pichia strain and 6 Pichia plasmids. The extent of portfolio availability varies by country. 

In addition, Lonza customers will have numerous options for additional technical support including: notification of system upgrades, visits to customer sites as part of XS Technology™ Tours, and access to technical experts by phone or e-mail.  Before filing an IND, an XS™ Commercial License may be obtained to cover the clinical development and commercial stages for the candidate drug or vaccine. 

For more information on Lonza’s XS Technology Platforms, please visit www.lonza.com/xs.

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