Cleaning Product Formulators Benefit from Lonza's New On-line Selector Tools

September 24,2013

Allendale, New Jersey (USA), 24 September, 2013 – Today, Lonza’s Hygiene and Preservation business launched new on-line interactive product selection tools - Disinfection Connection™ and Preservation Connection™. Available to formulators in North America, Disinfection Connection™ and Preservation Connection™ offer a free, self-serve approach to identify disinfecting, sanitizing and preservation solutions from Lonza which are best suited to satisfy product specifications and end-use needs.

“We have developed customer centric on-line tools that are intuitive and that easily provide a variety of solutions for formulators,” said Ray Fahmy, North American Hygiene and Preservation Marketing Director. “The Disinfection Connection™ tool was specifically designed to provide formulators with insights into Lonza’s cleaning and sanitization solutions. Our Preservation Connection™ selector tool covers our wide range of preservatives for household and industrial applications. We have demonstrated our new on-line tools to customers and suppliers and have received very positive feedback.”

Currently housing an inventory of more than 50 product formulations, the Disinfection Connection™ on-line selection tool enables customers to use a drop-down menu to input their respective application area as well as key required specifications, such as pH levels, use dilution, and contact time. After the formulator selects the requirements, the tool generates a list of possible Lonza formulations that the customer may choose from; the relevant data sheets are then available to view or download.

The Preservation Connection™ tool was designed with the same easy to use approach; it helps chemists quickly identify which of  Lonza’s broad range of preservative offerings are most suitable for their desired household and industrial applications.  Lonza’s chemistries are broad-spectrum products, registered for use in a wide range of applications, and offer excellent effectiveness against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria as well as fungal organisms over a wide pH range.  

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