Lonza Introduces Lonzagard® RCS™ Products, New Hospital Disinfectant Sprays

June 17,2013

Allendale, NJ (USA), 13 June 2013 – Lonza’s Hygiene and Preservation business is pleased to introduce a new disinfecting line of products designed for hard surface cleaning applications. Our new EPA registered Lonzagard® RCS™ and RCS™ Plus products offer fast contact times in an easy to use dilutable disinfectant spray form.

Fast acting Lonzagard® RCS™ and RCS™ Plus products have a broad efficacy claim set, including Norovirus, along with superior cost-performance benefits. Healthcare, janitorial, and other customers will benefit from the multiple formulations available for use in the United States.

Lonzagard® RCS™ Dilutable Hospital Disinfectant Spray Products
  • Lonzagard® RCS™ Plus Series offers 3 minute kill time for Hospital Disinfection and 5 minute kill time specifically for Norovirus.
  • Lonzagard® RCS™ Series offers 5 minute kill time for Hospital Disinfection and 5 minute kill time specifically for Norovirus.

“Housekeeping and environmental services professionals strongly desire high performance disinfectants with fast contact times,” said Craig Carter, North America Commercial Development Manager for Lonza. “The Lonzagard® RCS™ products are unique because they deliver the benefits of fast contact times via economical, highly dilutable quat formulations.” The cost-effective quat based formulation provides a favorable worker safety profile, wide material compatibility and is easily fragranced.

The Lonzagard® RCS™ family of EPA registered products have an extensive claims set for hard surface disinfection approved for use in a wide variety of markets including but not limited to healthcare, institutional and janitorial. Lonza provides RCS™ products through key suppliers of surface hygiene products who directly serve these markets. Contact Lonza or your cleaning chemicals supplier and ask about products powered by Lonzagard® RCS™ technology. Please visit http://www.lonza.com/fastcontacttimes for more information.



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