Teva - Lonza Evaluates Biosimilars Opportunity

April 05,2013

05 April 2013 - The Teva-Lonza Joint Venture issued the following statement today:  

The potential to develop, manufacture and market affordable, efficacious and safe biosimilars remains an area of significant opportunity for both Teva and Lonza.  

The Teva Lonza partnership continues to explore this opportunity. Both as partners and individual companies, Teva and Lonza are focused on finding the best routes to realizing the benefits that safe biosimilars of certain biologic pharmaceuticals will bring to the healthcare community.  

There is significant regulatory uncertainty in the biosimilars arena at present. Therefore, both companies are taking a measured approach, choosing to fully evaluate the prevailing regulatory and commercial circumstances before agreeing on further long-term investment decisions that both partners are comfortable with.

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