Lonza Offers Disinfectants to Combat Norovirus on Cruise Ships

February 21,2013

Lonza’s Hygiene and Preservation business is advising its customers about the use of certain Lonzagard® disinfectant products that are designed to inactivate Norovirus on cruise ships.

The recent highly publicized outbreaks among cruise ship passengers of gastro-intestinal illnesses caused by the Norovirus have brought negative attention to the cruise ship industry. “These outbreaks have plagued cruise ship passengers for more than a decade, and certain Lonza offerings are tailored to help break the chain of contamination by providing disinfectants in multiple, easy-to-use options”, said Ray Fahmy, N.A. Business Director for Lonza’s Hygiene & Preservation business.

Multiple robust formulations and delivery options are available, as follows:

Lonzagard® R82, S-21, S-18
      Dilutable liquid concentrates - 10 minute contact time
Lonzagard® DC-103
      Ready to use liquid - 10 minute contact time
Lonzagard® Disinfectant Wipes, Wipes Plus™ and Plus 2™
       Wipes – multiple substrate options - 10 minute contact time
Soon to be launched – Lonzagard® RapidContact™ Spray 
       Dilutable spray disinfectants with 5-minute contact time

These Lonzagard® disinfectant products are EPA registered, offering a cost effective, easy to use solution to combat these outbreaks, and are available in easy to use delivery methods. Lonza’s line of disinfectant products enable cruise ship companies to quickly and effectively clean and disinfect all areas of a ship, including guest rooms, dining areas, bathrooms and other quarters. Lonza provides these technologies to our many partners directly servicing the cruise ship industry. Our partners include key suppliers of surface hygiene products to end users. Contact Lonza or your cleaning chemicals supplier today and ask about products powered by Lonzagard® technology.

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