Lonza Joins Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

January 30,2013

Basel, Switzerland, 30 January 2013 – Lonza today announced membership in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an international organization of growers, processors, traders, non-governmental organizations, investors, retailers and consumer goods manufactures working together to ensure that uses of palm oil are managed sustainably.   

RSPO has set 8 principles for growers to accomplish this goal:  

1.  Transparency in crop management
2.  Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
3.  Commitment to long term economic viability
4.  Use of best practices
5.  Conservation of natural resources
6.  Consideration of employees and other individuals affected by growers and millers
7.  Sustainable development of new plantings
8.  Continuous improvement  

By joining this group Lonza is making a commitment to support the RSPO initiatives and the sustainability of palm oil.  “The RSPO program falls right in line with Lonza’s commitment to ensure we are using the resources we have in a responsible manner” says Lisa Bouldin, Global Business Director Specialty Solutions, “and it’s another step forward in our own sustainability program.”  

As the use of sustainable palm oil grows, Lonza is positioned to take advantage of our position within the value chain.  This will be a benefit to Lonza, its customers and the eventual consumer of the products Lonza manufactures. “Many of Lonza’s key customers are also members of the RSPO”, explains Bill Dietzold, Product Manager, Oleo Chemical Derivatives, “joining RSPO is the right thing to do, to not only support our customer’s initiatives but also to support Lonza’s internal sustainability initiatives by ensuring we have a sustainable source of palm oil.”

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