Supplementation with Larch Arabinogalactan Found to Support the Body’s Immune Defenses Against Respiratory Tract Infections

January 28,2013

Basel, Switzerland, 28. January 2013 – A research study published this month found that supplementation with larch arabinogalactan, provided in the study as Lonza’s proprietary immune support ingredient ResistAid™, was associated with a statistically significant reduction (-23%) of the number of cold episodes in comparison with placebo. In addition, the percentage of study days that participants did not suffer from any cold symptoms was significantly higher in the group taking larch arabinogalactan (91.2%) compared to the placebo group (88.5%). The study, conducted by analyze & realize AG in Germany, has been published online in Current Medical Research and Opinion and can be found at

In this new multi-center, placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomized clinical trial, researchers measured the effect of supplementation with ResistAid™, a proprietary larch arabinogalactan preparation manufactured and sold by Lonza Ltd, on naturally acquired common cold episodes and its effect on cold symptoms was compared to placebo. As noted in the study, the susceptibility for common colds is often related to a weak immune status or a lack of strong immune defense. Thus, common cold was used as a model system to determine the effect of larch arabinogalactan on the human system against invading pathogens.

In the study, 199 healthy adults aged 18-70 with a self-reported rate of cold incidences of at least three in the prior six months were divided into two groups, taking either a daily larch arabinogalactan supplement of 4.5 grams or a placebo for 12 weeks. The participants documented each common cold episode in a diary and rated 10 predefined infection symptoms on a four-point rating scale during infection period, resulting in an infection score. In addition to three prescheduled study visits, each common cold episode was confirmed by medical doctors.

“The present study provided clinical evidence for the relationship found between consuming ResistAid™ and an ensuing reduction of the number of seasonal common cold episodes. The primary endpoint was reached with a statistical significance in the per protocol (PP) population”, said Bryan Rodriguez, Commercial and Technical Development Manager Nutrition at Lonza.

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