Lonza and BaroFold Announce a Technology Evaluation Agreement for PreEMT™, a High Pressure Protein Refolding Technology

January 16,2013
  • The PreEMT™ technology will be used to evaluate the advantage of high pressure protein refolding techniques in comparison to traditional refolding methods.
  • Lonza’s evaluation will focus on the effectiveness of PreEMT™ as a potential solution for difficult to express microbial recombinant proteins and the associated challenges with inclusion body processing.
  • The non-exclusive license will allow Lonza to evaluate the PreEMT™ technology at their Visp development facility and includes an option to extend the platform evaluation for use in cGMP manufacturing.

Basel, Switzerland/ Aurora, CO (USA), 16 January 2013 – Lonza, a leader in biological development and BaroFold, Inc., an innovative protein technology developer, announced today a non-exclusive technology and license agreement whereby Lonza will evaluate BaroFold’s PreEMT™ high pressure refolding technology for use in biological development refolding processes.  Lonza’s evaluation will focus on refolding difficult to express microbial products expressed as inclusion bodies.  The PreEMT™ unit will be installed for evaluation at Lonza’s microbial development and manufacturing plant in Visp, Switzerland.  The agreement includes an option for Lonza to extend the platform evaluation to GMP production analysis. 

Matthew Seefeldt, CSO and Founder of BaroFold commented, “We are excited to license our high-pressure technology platform to one of the world’s leading Contract Manufacturing Organizations. Lonza is a pioneer in biologic drug manufacturing and to collaborate with them further enhances our ability to provide the global biotechnology arena with a novel refold technology.”

“This agreement allows us to evaluate BaroFold’s innovative high pressure refold technology as a complement to our existing XS Expression Technologies™ Platform, and offer customers a comprehensive toolbox for microbial recombinant protein production,” said Janet White, Global Head of Lonza’s Custom Manufacturing Development Services business unit.  “As a leader in the custom development and manufacturing industry, it is critical for Lonza to continue adopting novel manufacturing technologies that have the potential to streamline customer processes and ultimately reduce costs.”

For more information on Lonza’s process development services, please visit us at www.lonza.com.

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