Lonza’s Materials Protection Business Has New Antimicrobials to Offer Global Plastics Customers

February 01,2012

Allendale, NJ, Feb 1, 2012; Lonza’s late 2011 acquisition of Arch Chemicals has brought new antimicrobial solutions to Lonza’s portfolio of polymer additives, including Zinc Omadine™, Vanquish™ 100 and Vanquish™ SL10 antimicrobial products. These powerful solutions inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria in a wide array of plastic applications, from flexible vinyl shower curtains and SBR bath mats to carpeting and foam bedding products.

Oxybisphenoxarsine (OBPA) will not be supported through the European BPD process, consequently customers are looking for an alternative to this widely used product. Lonza now offers unique products specifically designed to replace OBPA based antimicrobials.

Stephen Wood, Commercial Development Manager for Lonza’s Materials Protection business, emphasizes that the advanced antimicrobial technology from Arch complements Lonza’s traditional strengths in lubricants, anti-fogs, anti-stats and processing aids for polymer products.

“With the addition of Arch’s proven, registered antimicrobial solutions, Lonza Microbial Control can now offer the plastics industry a stronger portfolio of products along with advanced microbiological and analytical chemistry technical services to meet their growing needs,” Mr. Wood said.

Within the Materials Protection market, Lonza Microbial Control is an innovative leader in antimicrobial actives and formulated additives for use in plastics, emulsions, textiles, metalworking fluids, paints, coatings and other building materials.

This acquisition has created the world’s leading microbial control business -- Lonza Microbial Control. Today Lonza offers:

  • one of the broadest portfolios of registered antimicrobial actives and related end-use formulations in the world;
  • a greatly expanded global infrastructure of production, customer-support and R&D facilities, including a new world-class Innovation and Technology Center in Alpharetta, GA;
  • additional resources to invest in developing new solutions in concert with customers; and
  • increased global expertise in navigating complex regulatory environments.

“This is an exciting time for both Lonza and our customers,” Mr. Wood asserts.

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