Plasmid Stability Upgrade to Lonza’s XS Technologies™ E. coli Platform

October 26,2012

Basel, Switzerland, 26 October 2012 – Lonza announces today a plasmid stability upgrade to their Microbial XS Technology™ Platform.  The upgrade will improve process robustness through complete (100%) plasmid stability in E.coli.   This new auxotrophic selection system is a significant upgrade to the existing XS Microbial Expression Technologies™ and is applicable to all Lonza E.coli systems. 

Plasmid stability is a common concern with the microbial expression of complex proteins.  Lonza’s auxotrophic selection system achieves 100% plasmid stability throughout the fermentation process via the deletion of an essential gene present in Lonza’s E.coli strains.  This gene encodes for an essential metabolic protein, that when absent, the cell cannot survive.  Lonza’s upgraded XS™ Plasmid backbone includes the deleted gene and ensures that only cells which have retained the plasmid will survive and produce target protein.  

The benefits of this upgrade include:

  • Increased process robustness ensuring a consistent, reliable and scalable process.
  • Higher productivity due to the retention of the expression plasmid and the avoidance of non-producing cells.  

The new plasmid stability system is now available with all of Lonza’s XS™ E. coli Expression Systems including, Sugar Inducible, Depletion Inducible, Optimized IPTG Inducible Platforms, and Lonza’s pDNA Services Platform.

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