Annual General Meeting of Lonza Group Ltd

April 03,2012

Basel, Switzerland, 3 April 2012 –Today’s Annual General Meeting of Lonza Group Ltd led by the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Rolf Soiron, was attended by 347 shareholders. They represented 43.42 % of the sharecapital.

The Board members standing for re-election (Jean-Daniel Gerber, Gerhard Mayr, Rolf Soiron, Sir Richard Sykes, Patrick Aebischer and Peter Wilden) were all elected for a further term in office of one year.

The proposed new members Margot Scheltema and Jörg Reinhardt were newly elected to the Board of Directors. Dame Julia Higgins will leave the Board of Directors as previously announced. The Shareholders supported all motions proposed by the Board of Directors A dividend of CHF 2.15 per share will be paid out as from 12 April 2012.


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