Lonza’s International Patent Application for Larch Arabinogalactan’s (ResistAid™) Role in the Adaptive Immune Response is Published

July 13,2011

Basel, Switzerland, 13 July 2011 – Lonza announced today that its International Patent Application WO 2011/038898 was published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for Larch Arabinogalactan (LAG), the key component in the immune ingredient, ResistAid™. The application titled “Arabinogalactan for Enhancing the Adaptive Immune Response” contains patent claims relating to LAG’s (contained in ResistAid™) positive effect on the adaptive arm of the immune system prior to, during and after exposure to foreign antigens. Furthermore, the application claims potential use in a vaccination kit comprising of a composition with Arabinogalactan and a vaccine.

“As the critical component in Lonza’s ResistAid™, LAG has demonstrated a distinct positive immunomodulatory effect, selectively enhancing the immune system in response to antigenic stimulation,” said Bryan Rodriguez, Technical Marketing & Scientific Affairs Manager, Lonza. “ResistAid™ plays a critical role in priming the immune system so it is better able to respond when challenged by a foreign antigen. This immunomodulatory approach, as opposed to over-stimulation (or hypersensitivity), helps prevent potential damage to the host cells.”  

The filing of this new patent application demonstrates Lonza’s commitment to continually developing its products and adding distinct customer value to its ingredients. The pending patent application and the science it is based upon, clearly validate ResistAid™ and its beneficial impact on the immune system. While previous research demonstrated the ability of ResistAid™ to strengthen and support the innate arm of the immune system, the newest research results, which serve as the basis for the pending patent application, broaden the understanding of ResistAid™ and its ability to enhance the adaptive arm of the immune system.

Launched by Lonza in 2008, ResistAid™ is an all-natural immune ingredient. ResistAid™ boasts a number of technical properties, which make it formulation-friendly in dietary supplements and for functional foods in the US.  ResistAid™ can be used in standalone form or combined with other products to increase functionality. As ResistAid™ has a highly branched structure it is freely soluble in hot or cold water. ResistAid™ is stable at a wide range of temperatures and pH values, providing for easy use in various applications. In beverages it keeps its functionality due to its stability in solutions.

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