Lonza Statement Regarding EPA Region II Press Release of July 31 2009

August 04,2009 Basel, Switzerland

Lonza, Inc., has entered into an Agreement with EPA Region II to resolve administrative actions that have been pending for some time.

The Agreement between Lonza and EPA Region II settles three administrative actions, two of which allege that disinfectants registered by Lonza and manufactured and sub-registered by others failed efficacy testing conducted at laboratories under contract to EPA. Lonza has complete confidence that its products perform as designed.

The EPA Region II actions are based on testing using the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) Use-Dilution Test (UDT) method. Numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies have demonstrated the extreme variability of the UDT. Lonza is currently participating in an industry coalition working with the EPA to address the variability problems with the UDT test method.

The products involved in this matter are EPA registered and have had a long history of successful use by doctors, staff and the general public. The hospital disinfectant claims for the products at issue were based on rigorous testing and were approved by EPA. Lonza continues to stand behind the efficacy of its products. The Agreement with EPA provides a way for Lonza to put these issues behind it while avoiding the cost of litigation.

Lonza will continue to undertake strong stewardship activities to maintain its leadership as a supplier of active ingredients to the institutional disinfectant industry.


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