Lonza Successfully Completes 2nd Tier REACH Registrations

Lonza has now successfully registered all first tier (deadline Nov. 2010) and second tier chemicals (deadline May 2013).  Registrations of third tier chemicals are ongoing. Please contact Regulatory Assurance at reach@lonza.com for more information on REACH.


On 1st of June 2007 Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) came into force, replacing existing notification schemes. With the idea of strengthening human health and environmental safety aspects of chemicals manufactured, imported or marketed in the European Union, REACH applies to all unregulated substances of one tonne or more, with only few exceptions. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) located in Helsinki is the leading competent authority implementing the chemicals legislation.

To ensure continuing compliance and business Lonza is in the process to register all substances imported, manufactured and marketed in the European Union. New substances are registered before reaching the 1 tpa threshold. Pre-registered phase-in substances (mainly existing substances listed in EINECS) are registered in a tiered process based on volume and substance properties. Up to date, Lonza has successfully registered all first tier (> 1000 tpa, > 100 tpa/N-R50/53, > 1 tpa CMR) and second tier chemicals. Registrations of third tier chemicals (> 1 tpa) are ongoing and will be completed before 31 May 2018.

Phase-In Substances (Mainly Existing Substances Listed in EINECS)

Before REACH came into force more than 100’000 existing chemicals  have been in use. In order to continue manufacturing, import and marketing in the EU Lonza pre-registered all phase-in substances between 1 June and 1 December 2008. With pre-registration in place the transition period for registration applies and registration deadlines are in 2010, 2013 and 2018:

30 November 2010:

  • Substances > 1000 t/year
  • CMR-substances Cat.1/2 > 1 t/year 
  • N-R50/53-substances > 100 t/year

31 May 2013:

  • Substances 100-1000 t/year

31 May 2018:

  • Substances 1-100 t/year

New Substances

New substances require immediate registration BEFORE they are produced in or imported into the EEA in amounts of more than 1 tpa.

ELINCS-Notified Substances

Chemicals already notified according to the former European Chemical Legislation Directive 92/32/EEC are considered as registered under REACH. The ELINCS-number was replaced by a REACH-Registration-Number.

Reach Deadlines for the Registration of Phase-In Substances




Use and Supply Chain Communication

The REACH Regulation sets a number of new requirements with respect to the use of Chemical Substances. The manufacturer respectively Importer has to demonstrate safe use of a substance for all identified uses of a substance.The uses are communicated by a description of Use Title and Use Descriptors and ERCs according to ECHA.

Please contact us if you do not find your use on the substance list: reach@lonza.com

List of Lonza Uses for Suppliers

If you are a supplier to Lonza, please consider the following uses in your registration: Lonza list of uses