Webinar: Challenges and Strategies for Paperless Product Release – Bringing the Pieces Together

Date: 24 October 2017 Location: Online event City: Online event Country: Online event
Puzzle piece showing MODA-EBR™ as missing piece in paperless product release processes

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In regulated manufacturing, production and quality work in information “silos”. This creates real challenges and costs in managing both product release and the ability to improve product quality over time. Users need systems that match the way they work and need to share information. 


Watch this webinar where we discuss how regulated organizations can achieve a cost-effective and comprehensive information workflow – from the production floor, to the labs, to the QA release cycle.


Michael Goetter, Director of Informatics, Lonza Bioscience Solutions, discusses strategies to:


  • Substantially reduce the cost, complexity and time of batch record review and approval for product release
  • Deliver simple, straight-forward analytics providing insight across production and quality disciplines so that these departments can share meaningful information
  • Create highly configurable workflows that make the end-to-end process paperless, with a focus on end quality and efficiency
  • Manage open systems with standard interfaces that comply with data integrity expectations        


    Webinar Speaker Michael Goetter, Lonza 

    Speaker: Mike Goetter      

    Director of Informatics,

    Lonza Bioscience Solutions




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This event took place on 24 October 2017 and is now-available for your on-demand viewing. The approximate duration of the recorded webinar is 49 minutes.

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