31st Biennial Western Coatings Symposium

Date: 20 - 23 Oct 2013 Location: Paris Hotel City: Las Vegas, Nevada Country: USA Visit the event website for more information
Booth: #429 Official Speaker: Scott Brown, Lonza Global Applications Technology The development of novel dry film biocide formulations presents many challenges. Chief among these is the fact that climate and environmental sensitivities vary by region. The impact of local climate is strongly felt in the type and quantity of the biocide active agents needed to combat the local mix of defacement organisms. On the other hand, local biocide regulations and local environmental public awareness considerations often limit the selection of available active agents or limit the amount of these actives that can be present in a coating. The path towards new dry film biocide formulations invariably involves outdoor exposure testing. Experimental design considerations for these tests are reviewed in the context of regional versus global parameters. On several points, the regional perspective dominates the experimental design. The impact of local biocide regulations, the impact of local climate, and the impact of local painting practices are extremely significant. However, consideration must also be given to emerging biocide technologies. These technologies may well have relevance in all regions. Therefore the experimental design of these outdoor panel studies must strike a balance between regional and global perspectives.