Webinar: Achieving Speed and Scalability Through a Valuable Alternative to Microbial Expression for Next-Gen Therapeutics

Date: 18 January 2017 Location: Online Event City: Online Event Country: Online Event

Pichia pastoris has been developed as a valuable alternative to E. coli and CHO cells for production of novel protein formats such as multi-specific antibody mimetics. Lonza has developed a new XS™ Pichia expression and manufacturing platform designed to provide high product titers (up to 6 g/L) for these novel compounds along with a fast, robust and scalable manufacturing process suitable for commercial production.


The newly developed G1-3 fermentation process makes use of short, straightforward fermentation regimes for optimized space time yield. It is customizable based on the requirements of the full production process and the specifications of the production plants. Additional benefits include:

  • Simple screening and fermentation setup
  • Higher titers in short “E. coli-like” total fermentation times of 2-3 days
  • Methanol-free induction
  • High cell viability due to reduced cellular stress
  • Lower host cell proteins from reduced cell lysis
  • Improved product quality due to shortened residence time



This webinar will include case studies highlighting the benefits of this expression and manufacturing platform.


Hosted in conjunction with the Life Science Leader, this live webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at 11:00 EST. If you cannot join live, the webinar will be available on demand.


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