Webinar: Expression of Next Generation Biologics Requires Next Generation Expression Systems

Date: 25 May 2016 Location: Online Event City: Online Event Country: Online Event

Next generation biologics include, but are not limited to, novel antibody formats or antibody derived molecules that are translating into promising next generation therapeutics.  Such highly diverse molecule formats demand a range of expression platforms in order to optimize production yields and quality. To address the complexity of these novel compounds, Lonza offers both mammalian and microbial expression platforms.



Lonza’s GS Xceed Gene Expression System™ has been continuously developed to meet the evolving demands of mammalian-derived therapeutic candidates.  For microbially-derived novel compounds, Lonza has assembled a collection of powerful expression systems in the XS™ Expression Platform which includes E.coli and P. pastoris (Pichia) that were designed to enhance protein expression.


During this webinar we will showcase our extensive experience with next generation biologics expressed using the GS Xceed System™ and describe our approach to the challenges of manufacturing these new classes of molecules. We will also describe our experience using Lonza’s XS™ Pichia pastoris expression platform. We will present our XS™ Pichia genetic toolbox, our screening workflow from microtiter plate to fed-batch fermentation and illustrate the success with four different next generation biologics, including titer and product quality data.



Join us for this webinar to learn how GS Xceed™ and XS™ Expression Technologies can help support your efforts to develop commercially viable cell lines and strains for expression of your next generation biologics.


Register here to join the webinar on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at 11:00 am EDT.