2016 PDA Europe Annual Meeting

Date: 28 - 29 Jun 2016 Location: Estrel Hotel Berlin City: Berlin Country: Germany Visit event website for more information

2016 PDA EU Annual Meeting 


Prof.Dr. Hanns-Christian Mahler


Prof. Dr. Hanns-Christian Mahler

Head, Drug Product Services

Wednesday, June 29, 2:15 pm

Past & Future of Injectable Dosage Forms for Biologics - Quo Vadis, Parenteralia?


Summary: Small molecule drugs are primarily administered in oral dosage form (tablets or capsules). Biologics are does in parenteral form, by injection, infusion or implant. The presentation will discuss the evolution of protein-based therapies and the future of their route of administration.


Wednesday, June 29, 4:45 pm

Panel Discussion:  The Future of Injectables