Webinar: 3D Cell Culture for Cell Therapy—Why, When, and How?

Date: 19 November 2014 Location: Online City: Online Country: Online

As cell therapies begin to enter the market, an increasing number of early stage companies and academic labs are focusing more and more on cell therapies and translational work. However; it is becoming clear that current best practices for cell culture and manufacturing struggle to meet the commercialization and clinical trial needs, in terms of quantity, quality, and process robustness.

The use of 3D cell culture, coupled with bioreactors, is emerging as a solution to many of the issues plaguing cell therapy discovery and manufacturing.


During this 60-minute webinar, we will present and discuss the following topics:

-  The advantages of using 3D cell culture and bioreactors in cell therapy

-  Starting Early— How to integrate 3D and bioreactor culture into the lab and preclinical setting

-  Choice of microcarriers and media for 3D cell Culture

-  How to address downstream processing