Webinar: Primary Cells as Tools in Advanced Cell Culture Models

Date: 06 July 2017 Location: Online event City: Online event Country: Online event

Presented by Nature Protocols, sponsored by Lonza

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Ideally, the cells used in cell culture systems should mimic those present in vivo, thus primary cells (cells recently removed from an in vivo environment) are preferable to immortalized cells grown in cell culture for long periods.


Watch this free Nature webinar and learn from leading researchers how and why they are using primary cells in advanced 3D cell culture models.


Each researcher will discuss an advanced cell culture model, introduce the primary cells they use and explain why these are preferable to alternative sources of cells. They will also explain how they use these cells, including some background on how they have optimized culture conditions and overcome technical challenges. Finally, they will present results that illustrate the diversity of applications of their 3D system.


  • Roger Kamm, MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • David Kaplan, Tufts University
  • Harald Ott, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School


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Learn more about why primary cells are considered to be more biologically relevant tools than cell lines. Check our website explaining the key differences between primary cells and cell lines.