Webinar: Generation and Analysis of Complex Tissue Models Using the RAFT™ System

Date: 09 May 2017 Location: Online event City: Online event Country: Online event
Hosted by Biotechniques, Sponsored by Lonza                   

Researchers have been touting the virtues of 3D cell culture over traditional 2D culture for years. But what are the differences between cells grown in 2D and 3D, and how do these differences impact your experiments?


In this webinar three experts describe how they use the RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture System for the creation of different complex tissue models. The speakers also highlight key differences between 2D and 3D cell culture systems when analyzing cellular properties and functions.


Watch this webinar and learn about:

  • How to establish RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture assays in your own lab
  • Tips and techniques for how to analyze RAFT™ 3D Cell Cultures
  • Efforts to perform tumor killing assays of cancer cells
  • Development of a physiologically relevant 3D colorectal cancer model  


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  • Brad Larson, BioTek Instruments
  • Tarig Magdeldin, PhD, Weill Cornell Medical College
  • Jenny Schroeder, PhD, Lonza Cologne GmbH
  • Patrick C.H. Lo, PhD, Senior Editor, BioTechniques