3D Tissue Models 2016

Date: 29 - 31 Aug 2016 Location: The Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina City: San Diego, CA Country: USA Booth #6
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About the Event

3D Tissue Models 2016 will explore critical questions about the true utility and limitations of these models in pharmaceutical development to help you to overcome key drug development, biological and commercial challenges to achieve rapid success.


Driven by case studies from the pharmaceutical industry, this conference goes beyond the science of tissue engineering. Learn how organ-on-a-chip, organoid and other stem cell derived tissue technologies can be deployed in drug discovery, toxicology, systems pharmacology and DMPK applications to expedite discovery and translation to clinical research.     


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Visit Our Booth and Learn how Our Products can Support Your Drug Discovery Research:

RAFT™ 3D Culture System for Drug Discovery   RAFT™ 3D Cell Culture Kit 

Lonza will showcase the RAFT™ 3D System, a novel method that has been successfully used to generate 3D tissue models for a number of applications. The kit comes in three formats – 24 well, 96 well and 24 well transwell inserts for air-lift model.


Our 96-well format is designed for scale-up or automation and can produce 96 RAFT™ 3D Cultures for high-content screening.


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Primary Cells and Media Products 
  Human skeletal muscle myoblasts stained for desmin and counterstained for dapi
Lonza is a qualified supplier offering products and services in many large pharmaceutical companies supporting different phases of the drug development cycle. Our primary cells and media products are utilized as more biologically relevant tools to support different phases of drug discovery process including target discovery, validation, assay development and ADME or early tox. Our coverage of products spans many research areas including pulmonary, oncology, cardiovascular, diabetes and more.


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