14th European ISSX Meeting – International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics

Date: 26 June 2017 Location: Guerzenich Hall City: Cologne Country: Germany Visit the event webiste for more information
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Visit us at Booth #500 during the 14TH European ISSX Meeting!

Meet our team of experts to find out how we can support your research with the following featured ADME-Tox products:

  • Primary Hepatocytes: Lonza now offers primary hepatocyte products from human and animal species for in vitro DMPK, mechanistic toxicity, and phenotypic screening.
  • Primary cells and media: The largest collection of primary cells to support in vitro ADME and Toxicology highlighting primary kidney epithelial cells, lung epithelial cell, and neural cells. ·        
  • Silensomes™:  Human pooled liver microsomes in which one specific CYP has been chemically knocked out. Silensomes™ is a single unique and representative model, capable of directly quantifying and predicting the contribution of CYP enzymes in drug metabolism
  • HepaRG™ Cells: A hepatocyte-like cell type with many of the same functions as primary hepatocytes.


Our team of experts at the booth will help guide you to the latest resources and answer your questions about our various solutions.


Additionally, join us Wednesday morning for a symposium highlighting our exciting new Silensomes™ product line:


Direct and quantitative evaluation of CYP450 contribution (fm) to drug clearance using the in vitro model Silensomes™


When: Wednesday, 28 June  at 7:45 - 8:45 am


Where: Kleiner Saal room (located on the Ground Floor level)


A light breakfast will be provided.