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Performance Management—It’s All About You

Lonza recognizes and acknowledges individual effort and achievement by regularly evaluating job performance and providing feedback and personal recognition.

As an employee, you will get the opportunity to communicate your interests and career aspirations. Leaders provide training and coaching, and when appropriate, increased responsibilities to our employees. At Lonza, you own your career. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, set objectives, and perform well, you can achieve your career goals with Lonza.

Talent Management

We have a robust Talent Management program that is used to identify and grow the next generation of leaders. We set the highest professional standards to develop our Top Performers. Each year we identify high potential employees through our organization; once identified, these employees participate in programs developed to identify both strengths and areas for improvement.

Development plans are created and executed for those participants in the following programs:  

  1. Leadership Training
    In addition to our high potential employee development, Global Training & Development offers several core courses in people management:

    New Leaders @ Lonza: a workshop developed for new and potential leaders within the organization

    Leaders @ Lonza: an interactive workshop tailored for mid-level leaders who have been in their positions for 2-5 years

  2. Functional Training
    Global Training & Development manages functional training programs for employees in the following areas: 

    Sales, marketing, and negotiations
    Finance for non-financial employees
    Project management
    Cross cultural training
    Time management
    Presentation design and delivery
    Legal compliance

  3. Site-specific Training & Development
    Each Lonza site has dedicated technical training programs that provide local required training.