The Tanalised® wood products family is from Arch Wood Protection, the premier producers of wood treating chemicals in the Asia Pacific region. We manufacture various solutions to enhance the properties of wood, and provide engineering, environmental, technical and marketing service to help our customers prosper. With an impressive history of product advancements, we license many of the best known pressure-treated wood building materials brands. Arch innovations help to improve the safety and quality of life for our communities.

For detailed information on our products and services, visit the appropriate country website.

Asia Product Range

The product range includes specialty wood protection products for industry use only and a range of after market timber care products for trade or DIY application. For further information please contact our Kuala Lumpur office.

Wood Protection Products for Industry

Asia Profile (880 KB)
Parachem Boron (1 MB)
Tanalith CCA (624 KB)
Antiblu CC (994 KB)
Antiborer (972 KB)
Glusect (304 KB)

After Market and Timber Care Products for Trade

ENSEAL Clear Extra (376 KB)
ENSEAL Green (312 KB)
Antichecking Water Repellent (422 KB)
Canopy Tanalith T (381 KB)