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Transfection of physiologically relevant primary cells or stem cells is typically a very difficult task using traditional transfection methods. Additionally, when using relevant cell lines as model systems, the critical issues are to achieve reproducibly efficient transfection with high levels of viability while matching throughput capability required at each project phase – from proof of concept, through to scale-up and screening-like approaches.

With the electroporation-based Nucleofector™ Technology primary cells and stem cells, as well as cell lines, can be consistently transfected at high efficiency. Developed in 1998, Nucleofection™ has evolved through continuous innovation into a comprehensive portfolio of devices and kits for many different transfection needs. 


Transfection Publications with Amaxa™ Nucleofector™ Technology 


  • Non-viral transfection technology
  • Up to 95% transfection efficiency for primary cells, stem cells and hard-to-transfect cell lines
  • More than 700 different cell types successfully transfected
  • Maintenance of cell functionality
  • Expert scientific support at your fingertips
  • Reliable technology made in Germany




More than 6000 papers for hard-to-transfect cells

Number of transfection publications using Nucleofection (cumulative) 

Nucleofector™ Technology Publications (cumulative numbers)


Download our list of selected Nucleofector™ Publications focusing on immunology, neurobiology, reprogramming and genome editing.



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