Nucleic Acid & Protein Electrophoresis

Our well known product brands set the standard in quality, purity and performance for gel electrophoresis.

  • SeaKem®, NuSieve™ and MetaPhor™ Agarose
  • FlashGel™ System
  • ProSieve™ Buffers
  • PAGEr™, Reliant™, and Latitude™ Precast Gels 
  • AccuGENE™ Buffers
  • GelBond® Gel Support Film

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Lonza is the leading innovator and world’s most trusted supplier of electrophoresis reagents like agarose, loading/running buffers and precast gels. We are experts in protein and nucleic acid gel electrophoresis, bringing a strong history of innovation and reliability to your most important research 

With over 40 years of experience in fast, reliable electrophoresis and analysis of nucleic acids and proteins, we offer the most extensive range of electrophoresis products optimized for the unique requirements of your most critical molecular biology techniques. When our standard products do not completely fit your needs, inquire about our custom capabilities to find an electrophoresis product that does





From detailed specifications on agarose and size markers, to specific instructions for DNA recovery and Western Blotting of proteins, we cover the basics needed to ensure successful electrophoresis, detection and analysis of nucleic acids and proteins in agarose and polyacrylamide gels.