GS Gene Expression System™ REA Evaluation Form

As part of the Research Evaluation Agreement, we request that the following information be provided on an annual basis.  We review this information to look for trends needing further investigation or for opportunities to improve our expression technologies.  Recently, we added a few new questions  and request your help in identifying expression challenges you are facing or other ideas you have that could support the improvement of our technology to make your protein expression more efficient.  We appreciate the time you invest in completing this questionnaire.

How are you using the system?

Product Characteristics
Does your product contain di-sulphide bonds?
Is your product:
Cell Line Development and Production
Which plasmid(s) did you use for your plasmid construction?

Is product codon optimised?
Did you use protocols provided in the Lonza Manual?
Was cloning performed?
Was gene amplification performed?
Was a stability study performed on final cell line(s)?
Was cell line stability acceptable?
How would you rate the performance of the GS System you are using?
Are you interested in having Lonza contact you for a technical discussion?